I love it when crazy people say things I agree with


“Physicists suffer from a disorder of the mind that causes them to believe that sensible, temporal objects have more reality than eternal, immutable Platonic mathematical objects, and to place more trust in their senses than in their reason, more trust in the scientific method of ‘evidence’ than the mathematical method of eternal proof. ”
– Mike Hockney, Why Math Must Replace Science (The God Series Book 18)





“We dance to the pull of strings that were woven years ago, and in a lightning flash of insight, we may see the lie; the program. It is first necessary to see that there is a program. To say perhaps, this creature is mine, but not wholly me. What follows then is that the prey becomes the hunter, pulling apart the obsession, naming its parts, searching for fragments of understanding in its entrails. Shrinking it, devouring it, peeling the layers of onion-skin”