This begins an experiment where I attempt to carve thoughtspace at its boundaries, to pluck choice thoughtstuff from the æther and distill it to crystaline perfection. There’s great danger in making up new words or repurposing old ones, but programmers seem to do it all the time in designing subroutine names. They avoid disaster by making sure the definition is always within sight of the name usage; to them it is clear, it is not the name that has meaning, but the reference to its definition, reified in the (arbitrary) name. Programmers have an easier time, because programs and words are different stuff, but when the definition of a word is a bunch of other words, it gets convoluted (see what I did there?). Sometimes people get confused and think that words have meaning, that there should be a right definition, or that some words are real and others made up. How silly, to hold all words in a global namespace. For practical reasons its a hard problem to fix, but fortunately we live in the ~future~, where references can be reified directly into hyperlinks, so meaning need never be ambiguous or unfamiliar! I encourage everyone everywhere to hyperlink the definition to every term that may be even a bit unclear. This forces us to make the way we’re using a word explicit, and gives more freedom of expression.


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