The Gate is Open

“Though we may never see precisely how the protean dancing stuff of everything endlessly becomes itself, we have no choice, being human and full of desire, but to go on perpetually seeking clarity of vision. The ultimate form within forms, the final shape of change, may elude us, The pursuit of the idea of form – even the form of force, of endlessly interacting process – is man’s inevitable, crucial need”
-John Unterecker


One thought on “The Gate is Open

  1. Hello – I found your blog by googling this quotation… I had written it in my calligraphy practise and I know I got it from some text I was starting to read but I’m not sure which one it is (bad habit of too many books at once). I am very interested in all the kinds of things you have in your blog and will definitely continue to explore it. Thank you for expressing these ideas here! I am someone who has attempted to cannonball into this stuff, but I am working on building my primitives so that I can see it all with more and more clarity over time…

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